Creating a Wallet

Before You Begin
This tutorial expects you to know what is Metamask and the main aspects of the app. Learn about Metamask in the following introduction page.
Introduction to Metamask
What is Metamask?

In this tutorial, we will install Metamask and set up a wallet.


  1. Open your browser and visit the MetaMask website.

  2. Install the wallet by clicking the Download for button.

  3. Once you have installed MetaMask, it will open a Get started window.

    Get started with MetaMask.

  4. Follow the prompts until you MetaMask asks if you are New to MetaMask.

  5. Because you still need an account on the Filecoin network, select Create a wallet.

    Create a wallet in MetaMask.

  6. Enter a secure password. You will use this password every time you want to open this wallet in this browser.

  7. Click Next until you get to the Secret Recovery Phrase window. Read the information about what this recovery phrase is on this page.

  8. Once you’ve followed the instructions and saved your recovery phrase, click Next.

  9. Confirm that you saved the recovery phrase correctly by clicking on the words in order.

  10. Once you’ve done that, you should have your account set up!