Learning Objectives

This section of the curriculum is all about who Protocol Labs is, as an oganization, and the different pieces that make up our network. Here you will find resources to learn about the goals and mission that unite us across organizations, the many teams and individuals that contribute to the new web3 primitives, protocols, and tools we’re creating, and begin to learn about how we operate.


Protocol Labs Vision & Mission

Protocol Labs drives breakthroughs in computing to push humanity forward.


  • Ideas to super-powers pipeline.
  • A network capable of repeatable innovation.
  • World-class teams & network.
  • Network enables teams to be super effective.
  • Create, support, and grow projects & protocols.
  • Build crypto networks and businesses.
  • Open Source all the things \o/.
  • Collaborate openly with many groups.

After completing this section, you will also:


  • The motivations and original goals that brought about IPFS, libp2p, Filecoin etc, and how these have evolved to the present day.
  • What OSS projects are part of the PL Stack and what other projects, tools, and resources are being created in the PLN ecosystem.

Be Able To

  • Find where communication about different open source projects is carried out (IPFS, IPLD, LibP2P, and Filecoin) and how decisions are made about the work that will be done.
  • Communicate the core goals of Protocol Labs as an organization as a whole, as well as the goals of some of the projects they work on.
  • Demonstrate use of async and open source communication by establishing public facing methods to share the outputs of your work and appropriate outreach, documentation, and communication with other Launchpad Cadets and Labbers.

IPFS | Docs | GitHub - IPLD | Docs | GitHub - libp2p | Docs | GitHub - Filecoin | Docs | GitHub