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Filecoin Quiz

Take the Filecoin Quiz - Protocol Labs Launchpad after covering the pre-requisite content to gauge your understanding.

Resources & Contribution Channels

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Cryptoeconomics Deep Dives (Optional)


Getting Started with IPFS and Filecoin

Storage Provider Bootcamp

In this bootcamp from March 2022, get all the information you will need to start down the path of becoming a Filecoin storage provider.

Discussions / Messaging

  • Filecoin Slack: #fil-lotus-dev, #fil-lotus-help, #fil-actors, #fil-fips, etc - active discussion with a large and broad community
  • PL Slack #fil, #project-lotus, #fil-protocol-dev

Public Meetings

  • Community meetups (Calendar)
  • Working groups (join #enterprise-sp-wg for more info. Normally happens at Saturday noon EST, zoom)
  • Core Dev meetings (Planning, Recordings)


More Filecoin Initiatives

Filecoin Virtual Machine

Filecoin Plus

Filecoin Green

Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralised Web