Drand is a distributed, bias-resistant, unpredictable, and publicly verifiable randomness generator that is key to the Filecoin implementation in how it provides unpredictable, decentralized and publicly verifiable random values for the blockchain. Learn more about how Drand works in the docs

Drand: Distributed, Bias Resistant, Unpredictable and Publicly Verifiable Randomness | Nicolas Gailly

Drand uses cryptographic methods, collective public keys, and a private key share of a collective private key to generate randomness in a distributed manner.

drand - The Distributed Randomness Beacon | ResNetLabs On Tour – Nicolas GAILLY

drand is a distributed randomness beacon. It provides publicly-verifiable, unpredictable, and bias-resistant random numbers as a public service. In this module, we’ll walk through:

  • Threshold Cryptography & Randomness
  • Distributed Key Generation in drand
  • The Setup and Randomness Generation Phases
  • The League of Entropy

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