Spice AI

Designed for apps and machine learning, Spice AI delivers web3 and blockchain solutions that are enabling developers to build the next generation of apps. Get petabyte-scale data and AI infrastructure for web3 - without the pain of building and operating complex infrastructure.

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Dedicated to the Developer Experience: Get Started with Just Three Lines of Code

Get started in minutes, not months. With Spice.xyz, it takes just three lines of code to get rich web3 data in familiar tools like NumPy and Pandas. Developer-friendly Node and Python SDK’s make accessing web3 data easy.

Ecosystem Compatible

Fetch millions of rows of data and access libraries such as NumPy and Pandas with ease. Use client libraries such as web3.js, ehter.js, and web3.py in combination with SQL query API’s.

Combine Code with SQL Query

Use developer-friendly SDK’s to query web3 data with ease, including joins across multiple datasets with filtering and aggregations, in just three lines of code.

Enriched Datasets

Fully supported high-quality, enriched datasets for tokens, NFTs, DEXs and more.

Other Resources

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