Polywrap is a framework for building “wrappers”: composable, portable, and dynamically upgradeable SDKs.✨

Wrappers offer a much better strategy for code reuse and composability than traditional SDKs. Wrappers are:

  • easily composable. Polywrap wrappers can connect and work together in intuitive ways, opening up endless possibilities for your dApps. Imagine combining a DeFi wrapper with an NFT wrapper to create a brand new dApp experience.

Easily Composable

  • portable. With Polywrap, web3 devs create one web3 protocol wrapper that works everywhere—web, mobile, servers, IoT, so long as the environment has the Polywrap client library installed.


  • updatable on the fly. Wrappers aren’t bundled into applications. Instead, they’re fetched at runtime and any patch updates are done on the fly, without the need to rebuild your entire dApp.

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