Learning Objectives

This page is a reference for Technology and Projects supported and maintained by Protocol Labs, including a wide range of PLN Companies and Tools that exist in the PLN ecosystem.

All of these projects are a part of the Protocol Labs Network and contribute to our ecosystem of tooling.

The wide range of projects across the PLN provide important solutions for the technology across the Protocol Labs stacks, whether they are Open Source Software (OSS), protocols, or tools and services offered for a subscription or fee, these companies and projects are all a part of our efforts working together to power the distributed web.

To learn more about the team members and maintainers of different projects, see the PLN Team Directory.

Technology & Projects

  • IPNI Network Indexer: A project designed to index the data on the Filecoin and IPFS networks
  • Bacalhau: A framework that allows you to perform distributed computations on IPFS
  • Fleek: For hosting and building DApps on web3
  • Piñata: A pinning service for individuals and creators
  • Web3.Storage: The data layer for uploading and storing content on IPFS and Filecoin
  • Spice.ai: Web3 and blockchain solutions that are enabling developers to build the next generation of apps
  • Textile: A suite of developer tools, including Powergate, Buckets, and ThreadDB, and more
  • Ceramic: Identity-based storage & indexing
  • thirdweb:thirdweb is a complete web3 development framework that provides everything you need to build, manage, and deploy smart contracts. We offer SDKs in common languages, UI components, storage, RPC nodes, on chain data, and more tools to make it easier to build in web3.

Other Project Links

  • Saturn: The web3 open-source Content Delivery Network (CDN). Run your own node and earn Filecoin
  • FVM: Leveraging EVM compatible smart contracts
  • Lotus: The Go implementation of the Filecoin Protocol
  • Boost: A tool for Storage Providers to manage data onboarding and retrieval on the Filecoin network
  • Chainsafe: Protocol engineering, research, and software teams
  • Estuary: Public data storage tool for Filecoin & IPFS
  • Fission: SDK for web3-native apps to help you build web3 products & services