Forest is the rust client for the Filecoin network. Forest adds to the client diversity, network resiliency, network democracy, decentralization and overall adoption of Filecoin.

Why Use/ Who Uses

Forest put its focus on being a light infrastructure node and having an enhanced developer experience. A few key developments include:

  • the ability to generate its own snapshots for calibration and main network
  • the ability to generate snapshots with 10 GB memory
  • fast snapshot export time: main net (under 1 hour), calibration net (under 1 minute)
  • the ability to switch networks during runtime with a flag
  • the ability to run Forest with docker containers as first class citizens with native images for amd64 and arm64


Please follow the Forest documentation if you are interested in running the node.

Coming Next

A few key features that you can expect from the Forest client in the near future:

  • Filecoin wallet handling capabilities including send, receive and store FIL
  • The ability to make storage and retrieval deals
  • A javascript console into the Forest CLI (inspired by Geth Go Ethereum Client) for developers to retrieve chain data, interact with chain state, etc



Reach out to Lee R (Forest TPM) at or David H (Forest Team Lead) at for any questions or collaborations!