Ceramic is a decentralized, open source platform for creating, hosting, and sharing streams of data. With Ceramic’s permissionless data streaming network, you can store streams of information and ever-changing files directly on the decentralized web – and share updates with anyone in the world.

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Ceramic: Building with Soverign Data on Ceramic Network | ETHGlobal – Joel Thorstensson

Join Joel Thorstensson of Ceramic for a workshop titled “Building with Sovereign Data on Ceramic Network,” part of HackFS 2021, a three-week virtual hackathon focused on building a digital world

Understand more about Ceramic from this blog: What is Ceramic?


  • Quickstart – Learn the basics by setting up and interacting with the Ceramic CLI. This tutorial serves as a simple introduction to Ceramic concepts.

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To experience how Ceramic works in a browser application, try the Playground app.